Measuring Your Wall

Don’t forget to double check before sending us the measurements. If you are in any doubt, allow a little extra all-round.

Standard Walls
Once you have decided on the perfect size of your wall mural, measure the wall several times to ensure accuracy. Measure the full width of your wall from edge to edge and then measure the height of both the right and left sides of your wall. We recommend that you measure both sides as the heights of the two sides can often differ. If one side is shorter than the other, select the greater of the two heights. Note down the widest width and the highest height of your wall. We only need wall measurements, don’t include any skirting board or coving.

Sloped Walls
When you have a sloped ceiling only measure the longest and widest parts of the wall only, ignoring any slopes. The mural will be supplied as a full rectangle or square mural and the slope can be cut away during installation.

Wall with Door or Window
Measure the entire wall as you would for a full standard wall and cut away the obstacle during hanging.

Multiple Walls
If your wrapping around more than one wall, simply combine the measurements of each walls widths.