Using Your Own Image

How do I use my own photo or design for a custom wall mural?

The process is simple:

First, go to our Upload Your Image page
Upload your image. Please feel free to add any additional comments regarding your order.

Our design department will then review your file to ensure that the resolution is high enough to suit your wall size.

We will then deliver your custom wall mural direct to your door.

When I uploading my own image, how do I know is good enough quality?
Please email at We can help you decide if your image is of good enough quality to print.

I have seen an image/photo somewhere else that I would like printed as a wall mural. Can you help?
If you would like to use an image you have seen somewhere else, no problem send us an email at and we can help advice on obtaining the image you want and also if is available for you to use.

Is there a maximum size?
It really depends on the type of image provided, its resolution and quality. We always try design a wall mural that meets your needs and expectations. Images will certainly have a size limitation due to their resolution: 300 dpi is best quality.
A vector graphic will NOT have any size limitation as it has no pixels.

Can I crop one of the images or designs I find on your website?
Yes! Just browse our website and once you find an image you like, just enter your own dimensions and crop the image the way you want.

Do you charge extra cost for custom murals?
No. We do NOT charge any extra for custom made murals.

What file format do you accept?
We accept JPEG, PSD, PDF images at this time. Your file must be less than 250 MB.